탑 배너
인사말 / 회장 이사장
Honorable members of The Korean Society for Phlebology,
The Korean Society for Phlebology Chairman
Ki-pyo Hong
Sang-Seob Yoon
Honorable members of
The Korean Society for Phlebology,
회장 홍기표
The Korean Society for Phlebology Chairman

Ki-pyo Hong
이사장 윤상섭

Sang-Seob Yoon

Congratulations to the former chairman, director, and executives for their hard work, who have developed this society over the past 19 years into a venous disease academic forum, based on the amity and harmony of the members. Also, I would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to all members for their devotion and unwavering interest that has become the foundation of the Society.
Approaching the 20th anniversary since its founding, The Korean Society for Phlebology grows its status domestically and internationally as a mature society and it is being reformed as a part of a global international society beyond Asia.
Therefore, we need to reestablish this society domestically and gather our research and clinical experience to make this society a mecca for venous disease.
First of all, I shall continue the preparations from the whole executives who have been preparing to become the full member of the Korean Academy of Medical Science and try to apply within my term of office.
As a conference of the best venous disease experts with a strong foundation for 20 years, we have confidence from the participation of our members.
In addition, through this conference, we can share the necessary information and new techniques in the medical field and we shall develop and reinforce the academic programs to become the central hub for the treatment of venous disease.
To this end, we shall collect the needs of all members to provide practical help in diagnosis and treatment and to increase the interest in this field.

Members, your passion and efforts for this conference are irreplaceable assets of The Korean Society for Phlebology.
Once again, we request your continued interest and active participation.

Thank you.